Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on November 4th, 2008


iphone-keyboard-typing_0.jpgIf you don’t know already, I’m a gadget guy. My wife would tell you that I would build a robot to put my pants on for me every morning if there was room in our closet. I even bought the first Blackberry available in my town, grabbing it out of the salesman’s unsuspecting hands, and sprinting like a running back to the cash register ready to leap to a miraculous game-winning technological touchdown. These days, I scratch my gadget itch with the iPhone, and I couldn’t be happier. It has been a game-changer in my life. I would even consider voting my iPhone ahead of Colt McCoy in the Heisman race.

Game-changers are not only very important to improving your life, but also to your business. Whether it is technology, like the iPhone, or a very solid marketing strategy, there are endless opportunities to change the game for your business, and positively affect your brand. Optimizing your business and brand strategy can be very efficient and effective, but you must establish your presence online. Volacci SEO makes those game-changing marketing strategies happen.

There are three main areas that Volacci SEO can influence that will re-energize your online marketing strategy and become the game-changer that your business needs. Volacci SEO builds a base of positive search results in Paid Search, Natural Search/Optimization, and Social Influences for your brand. This creates a positive foundation of influence for your business online and diminishes any online negative threats to your brand.