Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on November 3rd, 2008

Your Profit is Our Passion

money-pocketwatch-vertical_0_0.jpgOne of the small pleasures I get out of life is setting the clocks back for Daylight Savings. It is the closest I can get to be able to travel through time. Every year I will bring all the clocks into the kitchen and sync them in dramatic fashion, ready to fly back in time to change my future. I can spend that time with my family, I can catch up on sleep, or I could watch replays of a crumpled-up dollar bill cause a massive dog pile on the floor of Wall Street. I’ve got the time.

Let’s face it. There is plenty of time and opportunity for massive dog piles at just about any business these days. It is now more important than ever for your business to avoid these dog piles and maximize your brand’s online presence and search engine optimization. This is not an SEO myth. According to the PEW Research Center’s most recent study on search engine use, 60 million American adults are using a search engine on a daily basis, and increasing.

How many of these 60 million Americans are looking at your business’s website a day? Do you know how many pages they viewed, how much revenue each page generates, or how many times they visit that page? If you even hesitated, then it is time for you to give us a call. Volacci SEO will lift your brand awareness above the clouds of competition and maximize your financial potential with the metrics that make your business make sense. Your Profit is Our Passion.